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Wed. Jan 14th 2015
Chimney fire Old East Mountain Rd

On the evening of January 13 Company 1 (Louisa) Company 2 (Mineral) and Company 7 (Zion Crossroads) responded to chimney at t...

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                                                                                     Can You Help? Volunteers Needed!

Zion Crossroads Fire and Rescue are currently accepting applications for Fire and Rescue personal. Our application is available under the files section of our website, by clicking the image above or call 434-589-1116.

Zion Crossroads is a hybrid house of Volunteer and Career staff, by joining our team you will have the benefit of learning from both career staff and volunteer. During this time you will  develop skills and achieve things that you never thought you were capable of. Simultaneously, you will develop pride in the work you do in the community and the lives you change as you go about your  daily duties. Under one roof we house both a fully functional fire department as well as a rescue squad. If you are interested in running rescue only or fire only that is perfectly acceptable we definitely have the need for both. We encourage cross training, but we do not require it.

We are looking seeking men and women to fill all or any of the below functions:

  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Fire Fighter
  • Auxiliary support for special events and large scale emergency operations (such as natural disasters, structure fires, weather events). 

Don't have the training? No problem! We will provide you will all the resources you need for training.

Zion Crossroads Volunteer Fire Department has one of the most flexible run schedules in the area. We require 24 hours a month minimum. addend six business meetings and participate in at least half of the fund raising events every years  to be considered an active member.


Zion Crossroads Fire and Rescue are currently accepting applications for Fire and Rescue personal. Apply online on our website or call 434-589-1116.

Join our great team of Volunteers and Career staff developing skills you thought you never had. In return you will have the fulfilling sense of commitment to your community.


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